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By admin

Logos’ 17th Century Particular Baptist Covenant Theology Collection

On 19, Feb 2011 | In Books | By admin

Preface: Make sure to read Samuel Renihan’s important How to Read Logos’ Baptist Covenant Theology Collection to understand how these works relate to 1689 Federalism. They are not all in agreement with every detail. Pascal Denault’s summary as well as the Coxe/Owen volume should guide your evaluation of these other authors.


Available for $169.95


The Baptist Covenant Theology Collection dives into seventeenth- and eighteenth-century covenant theology, emphasizing the implications God’s covenants with man have for modern-day believers, particularly regarding baptism. One of the largest divisions facing the Baptist church in the seventeenth century was the stance on paedobaptism. These texts carefully craft arguments from Scripture, drawing from developments in covenant theology to address contemporary arguments supporting infant baptism. The collection contains a blend of accessible texts written for laity and more in-depth scholarship for those wanting to dig into covenant theology.

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Key Features

  • Examines seventeenth- and eighteenth-century covenant theology
  • Addresses contemporary paedobaptist arguments
  • Provides a variety of accessible and scholarly explorations of Scripture