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Baptist Covenant Theology (Stan Reeves)

On 19, May 2017 | In Audio, Resources, Video | By admin

In 2014, Stan Reeves did a bible study series at Grace Heritage Church on Baptist Covenant Theology. The material can be found at Files include audio, video, PPT, and PDF.

Note: Reeves argues that the dichotomous nature of the Abrahamic Covenant refers to the fact that, according to Gal 4:21-31, Gen 15 and Gen 17 are two different covenants, one unconditional, the other conditional. This is not quite accurate. A better way to understand the duality of the Abrahamic Covenant is to see that God made two promises to Abraham: that he would have numerous offspring possess the land of Canaan, and that he would be the father of the Messiah. From these two promises flow two covenants (Old and New). Or, alternatively, Coxe argued that the promise made to Abraham about the Messiah was the Covenant of Grace and was merely revealed within the Abrahamic Covenant of Circumcision, which was about the numerous physical seed and land of Canaan (which he argues developed into the Mosaic Covenant). But Coxe did not explain the duality in terms of Gen 15 & 17 (note that 15 is all about the physical seed’s journey to Egypt and then into Canaan).

Note: In his lecture on New Covenant Theology, Reeves argues that the New Testament church is a continuation of the Old Testament people of God. He compares it to a caterpillar growing into a butterfly. This is a carry-over from the 20th century Reformed Baptist covenant view and is not in line with 1689 Federalism, which sees Israel according to the flesh as a type of Israel according to the Spirit.

These resources are collected from our Bible study series on confessional Baptist covenant theology. This is a study of the way the Bible unfolds the structure of God’s redemptive plan for His people.

Covenant theology claims that God has unfolded his redemptive plan through a covenant structure with an overall gracious purpose for his people expressed in the covenant of grace.

Baptist covenant theology claims that this structure is not only consistent with an understanding of the church as a regenerate community but that it supports that understanding.

Confessional Baptist covenant theology puts us on notice that we are not doing theology apart from listening to our elders in the faith. These truths are not new; they find clear expression in the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689.

The perspective taught here is sometimes referred to as 1689 Federalism.

Introduction Audio Video Overheads no handout
The Covenant of Works Audio Video Overheads Handout
The Abrahamic Covenant Audio Video Overheads Handout
The Mosaic Covenant Audio Video Overheads Handout
The New Covenant Audio Video Overheads Handout
The Nature of the Church* Audio Video Overheads Handout
Responding to Dispensationalism Audio Video Overheads Handout
Responding to New Covenant Theology Audio Video Overheads Handout
*Special session on subjects of baptism Audio talk was cut off at 1:18:40 — actual talk was much longer