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By admin

Does 1689 Federalism require “Regeneration Goggles”?

On 17, Aug 2017 | In | By admin

Critics of 1689 Federalism often caricature baptists as claiming to know who the elect are. This does not follow from any 1689 Federalism belief. We agree with the reformed “judgment of charity.” Based upon a credible profession of faith, we judge (with charity) a person to be saved. The only difference is that we do not believe that being born to a professing parent is sufficient warrant to charitably judge a person to be saved.

Note this statement from an 1857 issue of the Princeton Review

And this statement from Hodge in an 1858 Princeton Review.

As well as this statement from Scottish Presbyterian John Erskine (1765).

See also FAQ: Do you deny the visible/invisible church distinction?

As well as a revealing Twitter conversation.

[Link to this FAQ Answer]