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Pascal Denault

By admin

The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology (Revised Edition)

On 01, Mar 2013 | In Books, Featured, Pascal Denault, Resources | By admin

Pascal Denault’s careful labors over the theological texts of both Baptist and Pedobaptists of the seventeenth century have yielded an excellent study of the relation of baptism to a commonly shared covenantalism. At the same time he has shown that a distinct baptistic interpretation of the substance of the New Covenant, that is, all its conditions having been met in the work of Christ its Mediator resulting in an unconditional application of it to its recipients, formed the most basic difference between the two groups. His careful work on the seventeenth-century documents has yielded a strong, Bible-centered, covenantal defense of believers’ baptism and is worthy of a dominant place in the contemporary discussions of both covenantalism and baptism.
-Thomas J. Nettles, Ph.D.

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