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R.B.C. Howell’s “The Covenants”

On 08, Dec 2005 | In Books | By admin

RBC Howell

R. B. C. Howell, the second president of the Southern Baptist Convention, presiding from 1851 through 1858, is described in Cathcart’s Baptist Encyclopaedia as” one of the ablest and most learned men in the South.”

A Biographical Sketch of R. B. C. Howell

You can read his book The Covenants over at the Founders website, as well as on Kindle.

Though Howell’s formulation was slightly unique in how he divided up the post-fall covenants in the Old Testament (“we have traced in the preceding chapters, two classes of covenants, of three each”), his basic approach was that of 1689 Federalism.

 Of the law, and the gospel, —the Old, and New covenants, —Paul speaks in language which can hardly be misunderstood. He characterizes them, not as one covenant, developing itself in different forms… Thus have we seen that the old covenant, or law, was fulfilled, and superseded by the new covenant, or gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Read more…


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